Heatpump Adventure

Actually not really an adventure, but I did get a ground source heatpump this spring.

While looking for it, I came up with many questions I could not really answer, or did get different answers from different sources. As time goes on, I start to forget about them, so it is about time to write them down and see, if I can get answers for those from experience.

So what is this ground source heatpump? Basically a compressor with two liquid filled circuits. One, long one, is inside ground. Ground heats the liquid inside the pipes, liquid goes through a big grey box (condenser/ compressor), a little heat is removed from it. This heat is used to heat the second circuit, inside the house. Either underfloor heating, as in my case, or radiators. This heats the house. The shomewhat cooled liquid in first circuit goes back to the ground, to heat up again.

As there is lot of different things to write about, it will take time and many posts. Hopefully.

There are many myths or facts about ground source heatpumps.

  • Permafrost. The ground, where the underground pipes are, will freeze, and be a lot colder than surroundings.
  • Electricity usage will be almost as high as without the heatpump.
  • Pump is too small, unable to keep my house warm during winter.
  • Pump is noisy, it will be heard through the house.
  • It is useless to adjust heatpump settings based on electricity price.
  • Room temperature sensor is pointless. Should not be used at all.

I also got passive cooling included. It was not really something sellers recommended nor really wanted to sell.

It has its own list of myths

  • Cooling via cooled floors is useless, as cool air does not raise up as hot air does.
  • Passive cooling really does not cool mutch.

I also had some expectations so lets see how they work out

  • Electricity consumption is lower than before.
  • Additional heating requirements will get lower.

Some notes about the house, heatpump, climate etc

  • Climate. I do live in Estonia. So it gets cold during winters (-25C occasionally) and hot during summer lately (+32C is hot for me)
  • House is log home. Not old, but also not the near zero energy house that is popular lately.
  • Heatpump is 12KW Thermia. Monitored (and at some point partially controlled) by Home Assistant.

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