Sphinx CentOS rpm-s 1

Had to have a sphinx 1.10-beta rpm for CentOS 5. All good, just download. But the same machine also needed an updated PHP package. Which depended on MySQL 5.1. Downloaded those from www.jasonlitka.com

Sphinx 1.10-beta depends on MySQL 5.0 from CentOS.  No luck at all.

If there were only sphinx 1.10-beta src.rpm for download. Unfortunately not. Fortunately there is sphinx.spec. It is not the same that was used to build official rpm-s, but seems to work.

So here we go

Source RPM sphinx-1.10-beta.src.rpm
x86-64 RPM sphinx-1.10-beta.x86_64.rpm
debuginfo RPM sphinx-debuginfo-1.10-beta.x86_64.rpm

No x86 rpm, as I do not have a x86 CentOS available.

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