How does outdoor temperature affect indoor temperature.

Theoretically outdoor temperature dictates indoor temperature. But there is probably a delay. A building should be able to keep its indoor temperature for some time, if insulated at all. Can we see what delay it is?

The delay is probably not constant, as it is also influenced by wind (windchill effect), changes in athmospheric pressure (air tries to move either in or out) and intensity of sunlight (sun shining through window influences room temperature).

Heating system is also present, trying to keep the room temperature constant. There is also a delay from heatpump output to room temperature value.

When looking at the graphs below, keep in mind, that toom temperature sensor values are measured around 1.5 C above the actual temperature.

There seems to be a delayed correlation.

  • Beginning of 30.11 outdoor temperature starts to rise, room temperature follows around 12 hours later.
  • Beginning of 28.11 outdoor temperature starts to raise room temperature follows around 10 hours later, but not with a lot more supressed rise.

The last graph here shows desired output from heatpump. It actually is more influenced by the room temperature than by the outdoor temperature.

Room temperature influence can be changed. It is from 0-5, was at 4, changed it to 3, lets see, how much and what it changes.

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